The Clown’s Life, Alkmini Giampanidou (Android Book by Automon)

The Clown’s Life, Alkmini Giampanidou
ISBN (ebook): 978-618-5040-89-5
August 2014
Saita Publications

When a young boy's dream is to make the whole world happy, there is no choice left but to become a… CLOWN! His love for young children leads him to play for the rest of his life the nicest role! He disguises himself and with his tricks he gives his friends laughter and LOVE.

Alkmini Giampanidou was born in Thessalokini in 1982.
The last few years she has been living in a small village outside the city that offers her peace and comfort.
She has studied in the Department of Pre-School Education of the University of Ioannina and since 2004 she has been actively involved with the field of pedagogy.
She has worked as a substitute preschool teacher in the public sector, but also both in private and municipal preschools offering her services up to this day.
She loves her job and dedicates most of her time looking for and creating new and imaginative activities for her little friends.
She stays constantly informed through online or experiential seminars and she likes inventing verses for puppetry performances and preschool festivals.
The decoration of children’s rooms with paper crafts on the walls is one of the activities she occupies herself with in her spare time.
She loves reading books, traveling and observing the nature.
A hug and a smile from the children is her ultimate happiness.

Georgia Panori was born in Thesaloniki in 1984.
She grew up in the village Kato Gefyra of Thesaloniki where she lived until 2009.
Having given birth to a little girl she is now married and lives in Giannitsa.
She has studied Preschool Education of Creativity and Expression Activities in Vocational Training Institute of Sindos.
She has worked in both municipal and private kindergartens, as well as in positions not relevant to her studies.
She is occupied as an amateur with the arts such as iconography, oil painting with acrylic on canvas, pyrography, and confectionery (fondant cakes) while lately she has been illustrating children’s tales through electronic means.


Original Title:
Η ζωή του κλόουν

Georgia Panori

Translation from Greek:
Maria Boletsi

Tina Moschovi

Page Layout:
Iraklis Lampadariou

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