The top button, Stav Papadopoulos & Maria Chatzi (Android Book by Automon)

The top button, Stav Papadopoulos - Maria Chatzi
ISBN (ebook): 978-618-5040-67-3
March 2014
Saita publications

Brighty is a cute and brilliant button, which wants people to know how outstanding he is. Everyone does admire him until the day he is forced to share the attention with his relatives, who are none other than buttons that look exactly like him.
His life completely changes and led by disappointment and frustration he lives an adventure which teaches him what it means to be truly remarkable.


Stav Papadopoulos was born in Thessaloniki, Greece and grew up in New York where she studied. She attended Queens College, CUNY in New York, where she majored in Education and recently retrained at the Department of Elementary Education at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece. Stav is an English language instructor and prepares students for language and standardized admission tests for their studies abroad. She is a regular contributor to teaching and creativity sites where she writes about creative teaching.

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Maria Chatzi has graduated from the department of English Language and Literature of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and has worked as a teacher of English. She is also a self-taught artist; she designs crafts (for kids and adults), jewelry and other home decor items. She’s been a creativity enthusiast for over fifteen years now. She writes articles and activities on Creative Writing, as well as Craft Projects.
She spends a great deal of her time volunteering for public libraries in Thessaloniki, where she offers creative courses, mainly creative writing and crafts for kids. She also teaches jewelry making and various techniques for crafting with recycled materials. 
Both her contribution to public libraries and the publication of this mini ebook, with a Creative Commons License, are an offer of free services for the common good in the local community and an effort to promote Creativity.

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Illustrated and translated by:
Stav Papadopoulos

Page layout:
Konstantina Charlavani

Development of Android application:
Antonis Panoris

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