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How it all began... (

My name is Bucky Roberts. I grew up in northern New York until I was 21 and then I moved down to Raleigh, North Carolina, where I live now. I began going to college down here but soon dropped out once I realized it wasn’t for me. Sure, I was interested in computers and web design, but most of the courses I was taking in college were totally unrelated. I dropped out figuring that I would be able to learn more on my own than any college could ever teach me. So I began reading computer books. A lot.

Shortly after reading a few books on web design, I was hooked. I wanted to know everything and anything about it. I was designing websites any chance I could. I spent almost all of my savings buying more books on different programming languages and other nerdy computer gear. I was addicted. The whole concept of computer and programming fascinated me. As I continued to study more and more, I began to realize that most of the books seemed to lack excitement. The material was useful, but they were far from entertaining. I tried to look online for a more interesting source of learning but to no success. That’s when I discovered YouTube...



Adobe Tutorials:
After Effects
Dreamweaver CS4
Premiere Pro

Computer Programming Tutorials:
Android Application Development
C# Beginners
C++ (Buckys)
C++ GUI with Qt
Cocos2D iPhone
Computer Game Development
iPhone Development
Java (Beginner)
Java (Intermediate)
Java Game Development
Java Game Development (with Slick)
Objective C
PHP (Beginner)
PHP Stock Market Analyzer
Trading Website (Project Lisa)
Visual Basic

Computer Science Tutorials:
3Ds Max 2010
Computer Networking
How To Build a Computer
MySQL Database
UDK, Unreal Development Kit (Beginner)
UDK, Unreal Development Kit (Advanced)

Educational Tutorials:
Biology (Introduction)
Biology Lecture
Geometry (Introduction)
How to Build a Go Kart
How to Make Beer
Math (Basic)
Physics (Introduction)
Physics Lessons

Gaming Tutorials:
Assassins Creed 2 (Walkthroughs)
Battlefield - Bad Company 2 (Gameplay)
Battlefield - Bad Company 2 (Online Multiplayer Gameplay)
Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2 (Gameplay & Commentary)
Guild Wars 2 (Gameplay)
Mass Effect 2 (Walkthroughs)

Backgammon (Beginner)
iPod - iPhone App Reviews
Surviving the Wilderness 1
Surviving the Wilderness 2
TheNewBoston Live!
TheNewBoston Podcast
Vlog (Buckys)

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