The boy, the girl and the very tiny reality, Stefany Veldemiry (Android Book by Automon)

The boy, the girl and the very tiny reality, Stefany Veldemiry
ISBN: 978-618-5040-21-5
September 2013
Saita publications

Within a seashell was hiding one very tiny reality.
There lived a mermaid girl.
One day, a handsome boy saw her and said to her “Hey, little girl!
As soon as I finish eating my fish, I will come to kiss you.”
Their love was so deep, it was deeper than the deepest sea…


Stephany Veldemiry is a Conservationist of archaeological findings and works of art, cooperating with museums in Greece (Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Byzantine Museum of Thessaloniki, Institute of Archaeology, Museum of Natural History of Iraklion, The Lesvos Petrified Forest European and Global Geopark) and institutions abroad (University of Missouri St. Louis, Smithsonian Institution, American Museum of National History). She also makes casts and copies of fossils and art objects for display. She works as a conservationist on site at archeological excavations and has attended the “Iklaina project” programme. Since becoming a mother in 2002, she has looked for simple and playful ways to instill her love for art and common everyday items in children of all ages. She started working as an art teacher in full-time grade schools and teaching Art History to children through interactive activities, games, experiential exercises, audiovisual stimuli and more importantly through smiling and a cheerful but disciplined atmosphere. Recently she has been illustrating children books and drawing. She has had five art displays, where the paintings were accompanied by Kostas Stoforos’s fairytales, credited to her, while the children played an active part in the action and development of the story. She often receives young children to her studio where, depending on their mood they play and learn through art.

Stephany loves to be in touch with the world of children and feels happy when allowed in that realm. That is how she feels as an arts teacher after class: Happy.

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Stefany Veldemiry

Translation from Greek by:
Eva Smirli-Bainbridge

Cover, page layout:
Iraklis Lampadariou

Development of Android application:
Antonis Panoris

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