The breeze and the chimney, Εvridiki Amanatidou (Android Book by Automon)

The breeze and the chimney, Εvridiki Amanatidou
ISBN: 978-618-5040-39-0
November 2013
Saita publications

They all wait for him, the joyful, cool Breeze to run, to fly to blow.
He is in a hurry.
His dreams and travels call him.
Until… She; dressed in red, in strange patterns and a black, triangular hat.
A beautiful, but self-centered chimney.
They meet, or better to say, Breeze bumps on to her.
Then everything changes.
This is a sweet story about friendship, giving, respect and love.
Furthermore, an allegory for what being different means and how easy it is for a word or a gesture to cause a smile or a tear…


Evridiki Amanatidou lives in Athens, even when she rests in her own world, hanging out with her other self, Erilia. Although she has studied in Law School, she always preferred playing with words, paper and pencils. For argument’s sake, so far, four of her novels and a children’s theatrical play “A hat for the professor”, which was awarded by the Ministry of Culture, have been published. 

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Cover, illustrations:
Αpollonia Paramythioti

Translation from Greek:
John Zervas

Page layout:
Κonstantina Charlavani

Development of Android application:
Antonis Panoris

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