Barbarossa The Conqueror (Android Game by Zarcrash)

*Participate in Barbarossa and win Real Prizes (3xAndroid Tablets, 14x8GB Kingston usb flash drives, 10x2GB metal pirate usb flash drives)*

Barbarossa is a research prototype, 2 phased Trans-Reality Role Playing game developed during a PhD research at the University of the Aegean, Department of Cultural Technology and Communication.


You can find full description of Barbarossa, its scenario and the list of the real prizes players win while playing at the official site ""

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In Barbarossa The Conqueror players play a classic RPG game stated on the real world and can complete quests other players created and also create their own quests for the other players to complete. The best players from Phase I : The Conqueror will get invited into it Phase II: The Interplay to cooperate and win Real Prizes like Android tablets that our sponsors provided.

Barbarossa can be played from anywhere and by anyone and rewards the players that will pass into its Phase II and complete the overall game role with real prizes!

During the evaluation state 10 teams consisting of 3 players each will complete the overall game goal. Our sponsors provided 30 in total prizes like Android Tablets , Bluetooth mouses and usb flash drives so everyone that completed Phase II wins one!

In Barbarossa 2 player types exists and are placed in different leader boards

Insiders are players that complete at least one quest in a distance 
below 3500 meters from it.

Outlanders are players that complete all their quests in a distance above 3500 meters.

Insiders as they are near the city can move near the Quests to get 20 and 25 experience points bonuses. Outlanders cannot move near the Quests as they are far from the city so they cannot get more than 15 experience points bonus. 
To be fair we divided automatically the players to those two leagues and during Phase II invitations the best of each league will be invited every time.

Phase I Scenario :

Ilyas Barbarossa after a fight with the Knights of St.John turned his ships around towards the city of Mytilene and with the help of some Traitors in the city who opened the castle gates for him attacked and conquered it.

Now Ilyas and his two brothers Aruj and Khizr live in the center and the castle of Mytilene and rule the city together. The Pirates gave some equipment to the Traitors that helped them conquer the city and let them stay and guard the city around its center.

Outside the city Liberators exploit its unstable situation and try to steal everything they can. And who are you ? Your Hero is a Knight of the St. John who is sent with more others to the island of Mytilene to take the city back from the Pirates

Phase II : The Interplay scenario:In Phase II the city has fallen and the three Pirate brothers desperate to hide their treasures are gathered to the crypts of the castle and put them all in a Treasure Chest. Ilyas and Aruj locked the Treasure Chest with 2 combination locks. Khizr took the chest and his horse and left to hide the chest somewhere in the city. This way all three brothers would had to be present to open the chest.

After a while the Knights found Aruj and Ilyas in the crypts. They got Aruj but Ilyas managed to escape and a Knight hunted him down. Meanwhile two guards move Aruj in the city changing shifts so no one will know where he is exactly in order to try to save him.

In Phase II three players have to be invited and cooperate as a 3 player team in order to open the locked chest and get a prize. The first of the Insiders is invited as a Treasure Hunter that searches nowadays to find the chest Khizr hid. 

The first of the Outlanders is invited as the Knight that hunts down Ilyas. Finally the Insider has to invite a friend to play as a Pirate who tries to free Aruj from the Knights that they got him and move his around the city.