Tale in Red, Kostas Stoforos (Android Book by Automon)

Tale in Red, Kostas Stoforos
ISBN: 978-618-5040-18-5
August 2013
Saita publications

A fairytale created though facebook, inspired by Stepania Veldemiri’s drawings.
Kostas Stoforos saw the first drawing of the girl sleeping, hugging her doll. 
He imagined a rain of peas and the tale… began.
Text by text, story following another story, all led the princess without a name to meet the gloomy prince-painter. Their love will turn them to swallows but in the ending…
A tale about Spring. Τhe first of a series: Yellow for Summer, Orange for Autumn, White for Winter.

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Kostas Stoforos studied economics and cinema, worked for twenty years on television, making his way through all the big channels out there, until his tolerance/stamina run out. 
He worked for three years in the Institute of Adult Continuing Education and now he cooperates with the Center for European Constitutional Law (Tsatsou Institution).
He has filmed a documentary series (?) of travels around Greece and still continues to write on magazines and newspapers.
However, during these years, he had three children!
He has written a handful of books, all very different from one another. A novel, two story collections, a history book, an albumen, a fairytale, four books for the parents. 
Having a hard time to believe it himself, he put to paper (or rather put to the pc) four fairytales in Colors (Red, Yellow, Orange and White) inspired by Stephania Beldemiri’s paintings. Thousands of people have read during these past two years the fairytales in question since they have been posted on the Internet. 
In 2011, autumn, they created together the “Fairytale Kitchen” and since they have traveled all around Greece, cooking stories along with the children. Whatever the case, they would cook their fairytales each Saturday noon at the special space called “Τέχνης Γράμματα” (Letters of Art)
On December (same year) they created the “Magic Card Deck” that helped them create even better stories. 
As the grownups began to envy them, they created for them, with the cooperation of “Exostis” magazine, a Calendar of 15 months and 15 short tales.
Kostas has often talked about and engaged in dialogue with parents about matters concerning raising and providing nutrition for children. 
Since this year’s autumn, by combining … “work” and entertainment (!) Kostas teaches creative writing to children and adults, but also creates fairytales as well by performing in the stage, as well as doing puppet shows while cooking along with the children.


Stefany Veldemiry

Translation from Greek:
John Zervas

Cover, page layout:
Iraklis Lampadariou

Development of Android application:
Antonis Panoris

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